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Have you ever considered moving home or relocating a business from one location to another? We are not talking about moving up the road or moving a couple of blocks or suburbs away. Have you ever considered moving long distance either interstate or intrastate? There are plenty of reasons you may find yourself contemplating a move interstate. You may live inland, and work has dried up and you want to move to a more populated area. You may have a business setup in a very expensive location on the east coast that just does not pull in the revenue to maintain a healthy revenue. Some things to consider if you are in the process of deciding to move interstate is whether you want to try and move yourself or get a moving company to help.

Moving Yourself

Many people underestimate the importance and ability a removalist, backloading or moving company have to offer when considering a move. Some people have enough experience and can move themselves without a moving company. Whether or not you decide you want to hire a moving there a few good things to remember about moving yourself.

1. you will probably need to hire a truck which also means hiring moving equipment such as trolleys, removal or moving blankets. Which is high thread count blankets that protect furniture while being transported. Usually hiring your own truck will also come with some hidden costs such as bond and insurance. We have found in most cases people would lose more money hiring a truck, taking the time to move, organising their own goods all adds up to time away from work to earn money.

2. You may also need to organise your own boxes and packing materials such as tape, bubble wrap or butcher’s paper. These can generally be included with a moving company quote if you decide to hire a moving company.

3. Road between states and territories, inland and remote can generally be quite bad. Knowing when to slow down and avoid certain roads saves damages to goods and even injury. You must be able to drive long distances without being too phased if you want to move yourself interstate.

4. Loading and unloading should be done correctly to avoid damages to goods while being transported. Heavier bulky items usually always go on the bottom. You wouldn’t load a washing machine onto a stack of boxes for example. Removal or moving pads are always used when loading furniture and goods into a truck. The pads create a buffer for when furniture slightly moves during transportation. The pads take the friction and minimise the risk of damages such as scratches and other mishaps.

Hiring a Moving Company

When you decide it is time to move, and you want to find the right moving company. There are a few things you should consider. There are plenty of moving companies out there and you can generally accumulate a fair amount of free non-obligatory moving quotes. Whether you live on the east coast of inland will help you determine the right moving company for you. You may find an east coast moving company quote very different from an inland country moving company quote. So, it is good to do a bit of research to find the right one that suits all your moving needs. An inventory list is usually required by a moving company to help assess the price of your move. This price goes on the estimated weight and size of your load. There are also options such as share loading or backloading. These can come in handy if you are on a very tight budget. The inventory list should include all items that will not be packed into boxes and then an estimate box count. A final inventory list can be established once you book in your move so that all the items are accounted for on both pickup and delivery. Some of the benefits included with hiring a moving company when you decide its time to move are:

1. Get everything handled, loaded, and transported for you. No need to lift a finger unless you really want to. You can usually guide the removalists to where you have your furniture and let them do the rest. Some people like to organise everything into a garage or driveway for easier moving process. Whether you want to or not the only thing you will need to do is give them access either by the person who booked the move or a friend or family member.

2. Get everything packed and organised for you. Most moving companies will offer pre-packing services which will include all the materials needed to pack all your miscellaneous items into the correct boxes for transport.

3. Competitive prices! Generally moving companies are striving to delivery better prices and quality of moves. This includes all locations where there are move than one moving company to choose from.

Helping me Move

When deciding its time to move there are some great features you can get with hiring a moving company like Interstate Removalists Co. Whether you have decided it’s time to move home, or move a business somewhere else that requires over 4 hours of drive time. There is no doubt that hiring a moving company will enable you to get all your goods moved safer and more effectively than moving yourself. Even if you decide you want to hire a truck and move yourself. Doing so will require time out of your day to organise your own goods, load your own furniture and goods, transport said furniture from A to B and then unload accordingly and then setup in your new home or business. Consider it a no brainer! For the price of hiring a truck yourself and moving yourself you could easily get a moving company to do it for you! Which in turn saves you time and money!

Getting the Right Moving Company

Deciding to Move with the right Moving Company

Consider your options by searching for local and interstate moving companies in your area. Some moving companies may generally do local moves in the are you are in but also provide long distance moves. A moving company that is local and that also provides regular long distance moving services to the place you want your furniture and goods moved is a goods place to start. Get as many quotes as you can. Find out what extra services you want and if they can provide them. Do a list of items and goods you want moved and an estimated number of boxes? Some people assume a 3-bedroom home is the same as another families 3-bedroom home. That is not the case as all amounts of furniture and goods vary from move to move. For an accurate quote, it is always better to list the items you want moved so the moving company can understand exactly how larger truck is needed and if you would like to share load or not. Another thing to consider when looking for a moving company is that there are plenty of moving companies with their own websites and others that work as brokers. Both can achieve the same result but it’s good to bear in mind that brokers will generally add a broker fee that can reflect in a more expensive moving company quote than if you find a moving company with their own trucks.

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