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Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you are thinking or wanting a quote to move interstate from one state or territory to another. There are a few important things to consider during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Some states and territories have border restrictions and even border closures which we will discuss a little more in detail about. While we have been able to transport freight including furniture for home moves and office relocations. Getting yourself across the borders has proved to be a little troublesome depending where you need to move to and if that state or territory has mandatory quarantine in place. Each state and territory decide on their own restrictions and border closures which is why it is important you find the relevant information on government website.

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QLD Covid-19 Info: Queensland Government Covid-19 Information
NSW Covid-19 Info: New South Wales Government Covid-19 Information
VIC Covid-19 Info: Victoria Government Covid-19 Information
SA Covid-19 Info: South Australia Government Covid-19 Information
TAS Covid-19 Info: Tasmania Government Covid-19 Information
WA Covid-19 Info: Western Australia Government Covid-19 Information
NT Covid-19 Info: Northern Territory Government Covid-19 Information
ACT Covid-19 Info: Australian Capital Territory Government Covid-19 Information

Removal Services During Covid-19 Pandemic

Transporting Furniture and Goods Interstate

While the decision has remained the same to allow freight in and out of each state and or territory. There has generally been a little concern regarding the matter. Interstate Removalists Co have continued to provide essential moving services as people are still in need of moving between states and territories. The pandemic has caused a lot of issues with employment in areas and even some people wanting to move into the countryside. We have been able to provide this service by means of home moving services and office furniture relocation services. From the beginning of nationwide lockdowns to the current situation. Interstate Removalists Co have been able to provide various amounts of support with transporting furniture, equipment, and goods interstate to and from every state and territory in Australia.

Moving between States and Territories

Moving Process During Covid-19

So, if you are considering a move between states and or territories. Please consider the restrictions and border closures that are currently in place before you book your move. Nothing worse than discovering that you need to undergo mandatory quarantine before you can get to your new home or dwelling. Our removalists also need someone available to deliver your furniture and goods. It is important you find out the relevant current information about restrictions and border closures on the government websites for each state and territory. While we maintain the goal of transporting various amounts of furniture and goods for our customers. Important information about getting yourself across borders is also a vital step in the moving process.

Call our office to discuss any concerns you may have regarding moving interstate during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

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