Interstate Moving FAQS & Questions

Have some questions about how Interstate Removalists Co operate? Want to make sure you are getting the right company to take care of your interstate moving needs? We are here to help! Read on to find out the most asked questions for moving, packing, tips and recommendations, backloads and much more. This ensures that you can be fully confident when booking in your move with Interstate Removalists Co.


How do I book in my move?

After you receive a free removalist quote from Interstate Removalists Co, you will then be able to book in your move. It’s good decide as quick as possible to ensure you get your preferred moving dates. There is no need to get as many moving quotes as you can. With our large network of Removalists, we will find the best removalist at the best price!

How long will it take before the Removalists arrive?

When you have booked in your removalist, you will receive dates and times as the closer it gets to your moving date.

Do I need to do anything before the Removalists arrive?

We recommend packing yourself to save money or requesting packing services as part of you removal. Ensuring everything is accessible and ready for removal is a good way to save time for the removalists and minimize the risk of damages to goods.


A good place to start with packing is getting boxes, tape and newspaper or butchers paper. All these items will help you pack. Find out more about the details of packing on our Packing Tips page.

Is packing apart of my booking?

You can request packing as part of your interstate move. This is not essential, but it can be a good way to manage the risk of damages. Removalists understand how to pack, so having professionals pack all your possessions is always a good idea.

How do I pack my own belongings?

Find out everything you need to know with our Packing & Recommendations page.

Do you supply packing materials?

We will provide packing materials with our packing services.


Do I need to be present when the removalists turn up?

It is important that someone is available at both pickup and delivery locations. This is so the removalists can gain access to the property and start the moving process

How is the furniture protected during the move?

All furniture is handled by professional removalists. They lift, load and transport using proven methods that are both safe and efficient. During the transportation of furniture, most if not all items are padded with removalist blankets. They are placed in strategic locations throughout the load where friction can occur. This helps stop marks from appearing during the move.

What happens when the removalists turn up?

Once the removalists arrive. They will great you and make sure they have the right place. After which they will then proceed to lift, handle and load everything provided on the list to be moved.


Where do you guys provide removals?

Interstate Removalists Co move furniture throughout Australia every day! Covering all states and territories with professional interstate removalist services.

How long does it take to move from state to state?

Moving from state to state can take a bit of time. Depending on where you are moving from and where you are moving to will determine how long it will take to move.


What is backloading?

Backloading is an inexpensive yet reliable way to move long distances. It is especially good when moving medium to large amounts of furniture. The process uses removalists that are already in transit with space available on their trucks to move your furniture and goods. Generally, the removalist will be passing your pickup and delivery locations.

When can I get a backload?

Request an interstate backload by calling Interstate Removalists Co or filling out the online quote form.

How much is backloading?

Prices for backloading will vary depending on the size of your load and the distance you want it to be moved.

Interstate furniture backloading is a cheap removalist service because we find a truck that has space available and is traveling between your moving from and moving to destination. We then organise with you a timeframe from which a truck can transport your furniture. Easily one of the best methods for moving long distances around Australia.